Contract cleaning - Precise lasering according to your requirements!

What do we do for you? We carry out various contract work for you, such as sandstone cleaning, graffiti removal, feasibility studies, weld seam pre-treatment and the adhesive pre-treatment of small batches.

Success story: Cleaning a statue in the Hofburg Palace

As part of a special commission, a valuable statue in the Hofburg, a historic building in Vienna, was cleaned using state-of-the-art laser technology. Over time, the statue had been severely damaged by environmental influences and soiling. In order to restore its original beauty and splendor, the conservation team responsible decided to use a laser to clean it.

In recent years, laser cleaning technology has proven to be an extremely effective method for the gentle and precise cleaning of delicate surfaces. It makes it possible to remove dirt and deposits from works of art, monuments and historic buildings without the use of chemical cleaning agents. This is particularly important to ensure the integrity and preservation of cultural heritage.

The laser cleaning of the statue in the Hofburg was a complete success. After completion of the cleaning process, the statue now shines again in its full splendor and can be admired by visitors. This project impressively demonstrates how laser cleaning can help to preserve cultural heritage and preserve historical artifacts for future generations.

Hofburg Statue reinigen

Success Story: Effective graffiti removal

Recently, the removal of graffiti from a busy highway was demonstrated using laser technology. The highway, previously littered with unwanted graffiti and smearings, now shines in new splendor.

The use of lasers for graffiti removal has proven to be extremely efficient. By precisely directing the laser beam at the affected areas, the paint pigments can be removed in a targeted manner without damaging the underlying surface. This enables gentle and thorough cleaning of the affected areas.

Another advantage is that no chemical cleaning agents or abrasive materials are required. This makes laser technology environmentally friendly and gentle on the treated surfaces. In contrast to conventional methods such as the use of chemicals, there is no waste or additional damage to the infrastructure.

However, the use of laser technology for graffiti removal is not limited to highways. It can also be used effectively in parking garages or other public buildings. These places are often the target of vandalism and unwanted graffiti. By using lasers, this soiling can be removed quickly and thoroughly, improving the appearance of the premises.

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