Compact processing stations

The compact processing stations from cleanLaser are state-of-the-art cleaning systems that enable efficient and precise surface treatment. They are characterized by their compact design, which makes them versatile and space-saving in various applications.

They offer:

Efficient cleaning:
Due to the powerful laser technology, impurities can be removed from the surface quickly and effectively.

Precision and gentle:
Thanks to its high-precision control, impurities can be removed in a targeted manner without damaging the underlying surface.

Ease of use:
The stations are easy to operate and offer a high level of user-friendliness. They can be easily integrated into various production processes.


The safeBOX is the inexpensive entry-level model. It is suitable for cleaning small, manually mountable components. The laser-safe housing has an interlock safety door and a laser safety window. The scaled, manual Z-axis is used for focus adjustment and its small footprint makes it ideal for laboratory applications.


The compactCELL combines an extremely compact design with fully automatic processing capability. Measuring just 0.6 x 0.8 m, the production cell requires minimal space. It has a servo-driven linear axis and a manual Z-axis with a scale for focus adjustment. A large viewing window provides a view into the laser-safe enclosure (class 1). Loading is carried out manually via the front door. The working field is typically 180 x 600 mm, depending on the laser optics installed.