Low power laser systems


lightCASE compact laser 20-300W

The lightCASE compact laser systems are ideal for gentle cleaning, partial adhesive pre-treatment and high-precision processing of components. The lightCASE offers an average laser power in the range of 20 - 300 watts. The lightCASE is available in the following power classes: 20W, 50W, 100W, 200W and 300W. They are characterized by being maintenance-free and consist of a base unit, an optical fibre and a processing head. The base unit contains the control unit, cooling system and beam source and has an extremely low energy consumption.

The lightCASE is small, handy, flexible and, thanks to its mobile frame and lightweight design, is easy to move and facilitates long periods of work. The transport frame also serves as a fiber take-up point and optics holder, and there is a connection option for an extraction unit and filter.

With network capability for remote support and automated processing as well as optional fibre-fibre coupling for particularly gentle cleaning with beam homogenization, the lightCASE offers a versatile solution.

The lightCASE in the production process

Thanks to its size, the lightCASE can be easily mounted on a robot arm. This enables better and more consistent results to be achieved. We will be happy to take care of the design and integration into your production process for you.

Dimensions of the lightCASE


streamLINE compact laser

The streamLINE is the entry-level model for flexible surface cleaning. With up to 300W, the streamLINE is the most powerful, fully air-cooled portable cleaning laser on the market. It is available in the following power classes: 50W / 100W / 200W / 300W

The cleanTOUCH operating display enables simple and convenient operation of the system. The touch display allows all settings and functions to be made directly on the display itself. The WiFi connection also makes it possible to control and monitor the system remotely.

The integrated signal lights on the handle indicate the current operating status of the system. This makes it possible to see at a glance whether the system is active or in standby mode.

Dimensions of the streamLINE



The backpack laser is an innovative and portable laser system that has been specially developed for use in the field of surface cleaning. With its compact size and low weight, the backpack laser enables flexible and efficient cleaning of various surfaces without having to rely on an external power supply.

The backpack laser is designed so that it can be carried comfortably on the back. This makes it extremely mobile and enables easy handling in hard-to-reach places or confined spaces. Due to its size, it can easily be stowed in vehicles. This makes it ideal for use on site or for mobile cleaning jobs.

Thanks to its integrated battery, it is possible to clean, decoat or condition surfaces for up to 6 hours.

Areas of application for the backpack laser include restoration, rust removal, oil removal and degreasing, fire protection restoration, partial paint stripping and cleaning sandstone.

Person mit backpackLaser

Dimensions of the backpackLASER

Characteristics of the Low power laser systems

Suitable for precise and gentle surface cleaning
Small-area processing and decoating
Low-noise cooling
Adhesive pre-treatment
Compact, flexible and easy to operate
Structuring of surfaces
Plug & play systems
Rust removal / welding pre-treatment
Laser class 4
MID Power Lasersysteme

Mid power laser systems 150 - 600W

The Mid Power laser systems are characterized by their compact construction, a mobile and robust design, user-friendly operation and a touchscreen-based control system. They also achieve a pulse power of up to 400 kW and can be easily and safely integrated into the production process.

The Mid Power laser systems are perfect for gentle decoating or cleaning of industrial components. Thanks to the heart of the laser, a powerful diode-pumped solid-state laser, components can be pre-treated for a bonding process without damage and with low emissions. They are also suitable for partial paint stripping of metallic components and for cleaning production residues from tools and molds. The mid-power laser systems are water-cooled.

Variants of the mid-power laser systems:150W / 300W / 500W / 600W

Dimensions of the Mid power laser systems

The effiSCAN optic

The effiSCAN optic is an innovative technology that enables an increase in area performance to be achieved with both mid-power and high-power laser systems. It offers numerous advantages over conventional cleaning optics. Its lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy to operate. Another advantage of the effiSCAN optics is the significant increase in performance, as they can be used to apply at least three times the power of conventional optics.

It offers a loss-free and fully digital scanning technology that enables a high scanning speed of up to 50 m/s and a three times higher deflection speed.
The optics have a rotary and touch controller that enables simple operation directly on the device. Numerous sensors and nozzles can be connected to the optics in order to optimize work processes. To protect the operator, particles are completely captured in the suction nozzle.

In addition, the optics can be supplied with electronic edge blanking to achieve streak-free edge zones. It is suitable for various applications such as paint stripping, decoating, pre- and post-treatment and offers high precision for all applications.

Application examples

Laserreinigung von Metallen

Laser cleaning of metals


Laser cleaning of metals


Laser cleaning of a stainless steel seam


Laser cleaning of carbon steel

Porosität einer unbehandelten Naht

Porosity of an untreated weld seam

Porosität einer behandelten Naht

Porosity of a treated weld seam

Characteristics of the Mid power laser systems

Easy to automate and integrate
Optimum pre-treatment for subsequent painting
High reproducibility
Passivation of stainless steel weld seams
No additional media required
No paint peeling or corrosion effects due to slag residue
Environmentally friendly process with high energy savings
Replaces brushing processes or abrasive blasting processes
Low space requirement
Corrosion stability confirmed by customers
High precision
No carry-over of particles
High Power Systeme

High power laser systems CL1000 - CL2000

The CL 1000 is a powerful laser with an output of 1000 watts. The system is virtually maintenance-free and is particularly suitable for automated machining processes. It can be optionally equipped with standard fieldbus interfaces for automation. Typical applications include large-area paint stripping, paint pre-treatment, adhesive pre-treatment, cleaning of large molds, weld seam pre-treatment and high-speed decontamination of nuclear-contaminated surfaces.

The high power laser systems are ideal for applications that require high processing speeds or where large areas and thick layers need to be processed.

The CL 1000 is robust and can be used in various environments, including harsh industrial environments, outdoors or offshore. The system is mobile and only requires a three-phase connection. The integrated extraction channels enable efficient removal of the removed particles.

Dimensions of the High power laser systems

Power [W]:                                               1000 - 2000
Width x length x height [mm]:               1900 x 875 x 1440
Weight [kg]:                                             approx. 525

Application examples

Large-area paint removal
Paint pre-treatment
Adhesive pre-treatment
Cleaning of large molds
Weld seam pre-treatment
Quick cleaning of oily surfaces
Rust removal
Decontamination of nuclear-contaminated surfaces

Characteristics of the High power laser systems

Laser power from 1kW
Process data storage on integrated PC
The mobile system is suitable for industrial use
Real-time control
Touchscreen display for visualizing the laser parameters
Laser class 4