Sustainable laser cleaning: Efficient and environmentally friendly method for surface cleaning

Areas of application

Paint removal and decoating
Laser cleaning makes it possible to remove paint from both small and large surfaces using laser beams. A single layer can be removed in a targeted manner without damaging the underlying material. High paint removal speeds can be achieved, especially with thin layers of paint. The process is precise and leaves no residue, eliminating the need for additional process steps.
The laser is ideal for pretreating aluminum and magnesium components for bonding, soldering, welding and painting processes. However, the laser can also be used to clean and modify other metals without leaving any residue in order to optimally prepare them for various joining processes.
Mold cleaning
The use of laser technology to clean molds offers an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cleaning methods. Even stubborn residues can be precisely removed without leaving behind chemical waste products or causing abrasion. The use of laser cleaning therefore offers various advantages: The cleaning results are accurate and reproducible, which extends the service life of the molds. In addition, cleaning can also be carried out while hot, even in the production line. Cleaning rates can be up to 22 m² per hour and automation is easy to implement.
The cleanLASER technology enables precise and metered cleaning of metallic surfaces without damaging them. Metals can even be sublimated by setting high intensities. The cleanLASER devices can be controlled and positioned very precisely, which offers a wide range of applications for structuring component surfaces. Various structuring geometries can be set to create functional surfaces, for example to reduce the coefficient of friction in plain bearings. In addition, all roughness parameters can be set almost without restriction to ensure consistently high quality.
The cleanLASER cleaning technology is a gentle and efficient method for restoring and cleaning facades. With cleanLASER, even stubborn dirt and weathering can be removed from stone and metal surfaces. Cleaning is carried out gently using laser light, without the use of abrasive blasting agents or chemical substances. This means that no damage is caused by moisture. The system is easy to operate and enables environmentally friendly and economical work as it is mobile.

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Paint removal

Nachhaltige Laserreinigung: Effiziente und umweltfreundliche Methode zur Oberflächenreinigung

Color refreshment Rust stain removal

Nachhaltige Laserreinigung: Effizi

Cleaning of a fine thread

Nachhaltige Laserreinigung: Effizi

Cleaning a wall painting

Working priniciple

The focused laser beam vaporizes the dirt or cover layer.

The laser pulses used are very powerful but short and have little thermal impact on the base material.

In the case of metal, the base material reflects the laser beam, which stops the ablation process. As a result, cleaning is gentle and without damage.

Structures or roughness can only be created if the laser parameters are deliberately adjusted.

Benefits of sustainable laser cleaning

Replaces abrasives and chemical cleaning agents

Energy savings

No solvents

No distribution/mixing of blasting material and removed particles
Direct extraction ensures safe and unmixed disposal